Unboxing the Hycontrol SHIELD Lite Silo Protection System

How to safely unpack the SHIELD Lite SPS once you have recieved it on site. Please retain all packaging until the system is fully installed and is functioning as expected.



Why You MUST Check Your Silo Filter

Maintenance of a silo's filter/air ventilation unit is of paramount importance to ensuring not only efficient functionality but site safety as well. Hycontrol's Roger Hicks explains why.



Introduction to Ground Level Testing

Technical Manager, Roger Hicks, briefly introduces one of Hycontrol's key safety innovations, GLT (Ground Level Testing).



Installation and Maintenance of Silo Protection Equipment

Hycontrol Managing Director Nigel Allen briefly discusses issues around the installation and maintenance of silo protection systems and other such equipment at the silo-top. Often the cost of fitting and keeping this equipment working can far outstrip the original capital expenditure, so it's important to consider this when considering your own silo safety provisions.



Force Required to Lift a Pressure Relief Valve

Correctly testing a pressure relief valve is no easy task, as this video demonstrates. When lifting requires an equivalent force of 50kg, a properly-calibrated testing method is required.


Silo Protection in Three Minutes

Hycontrol's UK Sales Manager David Wadsworth outlines the essentials of silo protection, in less than three minutes. He also lays out the three simple rules that you need to follow to make sure your cement silo is safe.



Hycontrol Hylights - Shield Silo Protection Technology

Hycontrol’s MD Nigel Allen discusses the new SHIELD Silo Protection System, explaining how and why Hycontrol has set about creating a comprehensive SPS that fits competitive budgets. 


Installation of the SHIELD Silo Protection System with Quick Connect Kit

Hycontrol's Technical Support Manager Martin Carroll demonstrates the installation of a Hycontrol SHIELD Silo Protection system, using one of the pre-wired Quick Connect Kits. This kit makes installing and commissioning the SHIELD SPS easy with pre-numbered connections. Martin takes you through the whole process step by step to get your SHIELD SPS set up and ready for its first delivery.


Operation of the SHIELD Silo Protection System

In this second instructional video, Technical Support Manager Martin Carroll talks you through the normal day-to-day operation of the SHIELD Silo Protection System, focussing on navigation of the menu system, testing, and explaining alarm conditions that might arise.



Hycontrol Hylights - Why choose Vibrating Probes for Safety Systems?

Managing Director Nigel Allen answers a question we get asked quite often - why do Hycontrol recommend vibrating probes over alternate technologies like capacitance and rotary paddle switches? Nigel explains the unique benefits of vibrating technology in solids and powders applications, compared with the limitations of the alternatives.


Hycontrol Hylights - Silo Danger Signs to Look Out For

Technical Manager Roger Hicks shares some photos of some common problems that you are likely to encounter on top of a silo. These images have all been taken by Hycontrol engineers in the field. These issues all point to problems with the silo pressure safety system and maintenance ....and need to be addressed.


Hycontrol Hylights - Silo Air Filters and Pressure Sensors

Hycontrol's Managing Director, Nigel Allen, returns to talk you through the relationship between two of the vital components of any silo safety system - the air vent filter unit and the pressure sensor. He also briefly outlines the importance of ensuring you are using failsafe equipment.


Hycontrol Hylights - Why launch the Shield SPS

Hycontrol MD Nigel Allen discusses the reasons behind the launch of the new SHIELD Silo Protection System, the previously-unknown scale of silo over-pressurisation events resulting from tanker deliveries, and how Hycontrol has set about creating a comprehensive SPS that fits competitive budgets.


Hycontrol Hylights - Introduction

With over thirty years of experience in level control and silo pressure safety, Hycontrol Ltd is the UK's leading level measurement company. In this ongoing series of short videos, Technical Manager Roger Hicks will be taking a minute or two of your time to discuss a range of topics. Hopefully, you will find them informative and entertaining!


Hycontrol Hylights - Servicing Silo Safety Equipment

In the first of our new Hylights video series, Hycontrol's Technical Manager, Roger Hicks, discusses the importance of making sure the servicing that is carried out on your silo safety equipment is actually doing what you need it to do and that you're getting what you need.

Hycontrol Hylights - Testing a Pressure Relief Valve

In this Hylight, Roger talks about testing Pressure Relief Valves as part of a comprehensive silo servicing regime. Historically it has not been practicle to properly test PRVs in situ; as this video details, this is no longer the case.


Hycontrol Hylights - Testable Safety Systems Case Study

In this Hylight, Technical Manager Roger Hicks takes you through a recent case that Hycontrol service engineers were asked to investigate. A Hycontrol Silo Protection System was regularly indicating an alarm status, despite the site owner having recently serviced the silo. What they discovered is something that all site managers with powder silos need to be aware of.

How Do You Protect Your Silos and Your Employees? - An Introduction to Silo Protection

An animated introduction to silo protection. You'll learn about the dangers of over-pressurisation, the causes of silo pressure and how Hycontrol's Silo Protection System (SPS) helps to create a safer working environment.


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