Safety Guidelines

Safety guidelines for silo storage are available from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Mineral Products Association (MPA) and the with additional relevant guidance from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

Follow the convenient links listed below to access various safety guidance documents that relate to safe silo use. Hycontrol recommends that site managers, HSE officers and service personnel be fully conversant with these essential guideline documents. Additionally, Hycontrol recommends five key steps that all sites, management and personnel should be following to ensure site safety:

1. Follow the industry best practice guidelines and issue comprehensive written standards for your company - this ensures all parts of the business understand the issues, and most importantly, the correct solutions.

2. Regularly audit your silos - this can be done independently or in-house, but maintain standards of practice and equipment test results.

3. Competent servicing - any silo safety equipment must be regularly examined or tested by qualified, experienced, competent engineers. Ask for confirmation of the critical pressure set points.

4. Educate At All Levels - all site personnel must be aware of the risks involved with silos, including pressure safety and working-at-height. Know your responsibilities and how to meet best practice.

5. Utilise the best available technology - modern silo protection systems will test safety equipment from ground level (reducing working-at-height risk) and ensure auto shut-off systems are fully operational.