Shield Lite System

Hycontrol’s new SHIELD Lite silo protection system is the most advanced SPS on the market today and is the result of decades of silo pressure technology development, experience and expertise. It has a compact, all-in-one design that can be retrofitted to almost any silo. This new model is even simpler to install and operate, without compromising any of the outstanding features of the previous SHIELD system. The best silo protection system just got better.

Utilising purpose-designed, state-of-the-art pressure monitoring and control equipment, SHIELD Lite meets and exceeds best engineering practice and current guidance from the Mineral Products Association. The new, compact panel is designed for simple operation and to be easily understood, giving users a range of new monitoring and diagnostic tools and indicating when the system is suffering from blocked filtration or is being endangered by poor delivery driver behaviour.

Powder storage silos are commonplace in many industries but are at risk of over-pressurisation during tanker deliveries. The root causes of this are invariably either driver error resulting in uncontrolled air pressure being discharged during the filling procedure, or a failure of the filter venting unit. Pressures from as little as 1 or 2 psi are enough to rupture a silo or blow its filter unit off the top. The serious risk posed by such an incident is why a comprehensive, failsafe safety and control system is vital.

SHIELD Lite incorporates essential high-accuracy pressure safety components into a modular design that can be adjusted to suit site requirements. Maintenance is simplified, and the long-term cost of ownership is significantly lower than any other system on the market. Along with many new features, SHIELD Lite incorporates Hycontrol’s pioneering Ground Level Testing system, in which a single key-turn enacts a full-function test of all the crucial safety components, dramatically reducing the need for working at height. Importantly the system is also completely failsafe, a vital feature that’s often overlooked. The system can now even inform users if there has been an attempt to override the inlet safety valve.



Key Benefits of Shield Lite Technology

  • The most advanced silo protection system on the market - a new concept in silo protection from the experts in the field
  • Improves site safety through reduction of both working at height and silo over-pressurisation risks
  • Comprehensive event logging allows for preventative maintenance – enabling service engineers to tackle system issues before they become problems
  • Reduces Maintenance and service costs with Ground Level Testing - test the whole system in just six seconds
  • Easy-to-use one-key Ground Level Test system guarantees complete silo protection and will not allow filling unless all safety components are proven fully functional
  • A turnkey solution - expert technical support and service teams available. Choose to work with a reliable company that has over 30 years’ experience in level measurement and pressure safety technology
  • The most competitively priced, comprehensive system available, which lowers the overall cost of ownership
  • Reduces the risk of silo damage – because vessels can rupture at pressures above one psi, reliable pressure monitoring and control are essential
  • Monitors driver behaviour and performance with advanced diagnostics. Site managers will be alerted to dangerous filling practices
  • Improves environmental conditions through large-scale reduction of product emissions
  • Exceeds current MPA standards – Hycontrol are the only manufacturer whose silo protection systems not only comply with but also exceed safety standards from the Mineral Products Association
  • Pressure and vacuum control - unique pressure sensor detects not only pressure but also vacuum. If this condition is detected, it will fully open the valve to remove the vacuum before silo damage can occur.

KEY FEATURES OF SHIELD LITE -14 reasons to choose the world's safest silo protection system

  • Precision-calibrated pressure relief valve to vent pressure in the silo when it exceeds 50 millibars / 0.75 psi - roughly the force it takes to inflate a child’s party balloon! Finished in corrosion-resistant epoxy paint with integrated PRV lift point to allow essential maintenance tests. The PRV is fully Ground Level Test-enabled using a proximity switch to detect valve openings.
  • Easy-grip, quick-release cover retainers - no special tools required for lid removal, enabling easy inspection and cleaning on the silo-top
  • VIPER seals - a twin-seal air spring pocket eliminates air leakage and water ingress. Easy to remove and replace, saving both time and money
  • High-specification pneumatic filter regulator with an auto-drain feature to reduce moisture. Provides accurate compressed air control
  • Low-friction spring guides - reduce wear during testing and improve spring longevity
  • Monitors and controls air to the filter/vent unit - ensures supply for the self cleaning system is active and eliminating expensive compressed air wastage
  • DP Series vibrating level sensor for high level alarm with Ground Level Test and self cleaning function - the most reliable point switch type for solid products
  • Weather shield - made from durable, moulded polypropylene, the UV stabilised weather shield cover protects the Pressure Relief Valve and electronics from the elements. The mild flexibility of the cover material means that any product ejected from the PRV should drop off the inside after it has dried, providing self-cleaning characteristics.
  • Local Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) inspection facility - single button lifting mechanism to open the valve for cleaning and seal inspection on the silo-top
  • Multi-point mounting holes for easy retrofitting - fits most popular process connections or to mount on an optional upstand accessory unit
  • Integrated, purpose-designed FLEX502 silo pressure sensor with Ground Level Test capability and self-cleaning function - the patented heart of the system!
  • Integrated test electronics - purpose- designed and prepared for a simple installation and set-up, saving time and money
  • Failsafe butterfly inlet control valve at fill point - only opens when all safety tests are passed. Integrated switch feedback detects if open or closed, with antitamper detection and logging.
  • Safe, low-voltage power requirements - the whole SHIELD Lite silo protection system operates on a 24 V DC power supply for a safer environment