"I had my bulk powder work completed [at my depot] last week. Would you be able to pass on my thanks to the team as I was very impressed with their health and safety attitude and the fact that they continuously kept me updated with how the job was progressing. It made a nice change to have contractors on site who were a pleasure to work with and not a constant headache."

M. Burrows

Aggregate Industries


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Safety Training


Ground Level Testing

Testing is an essential part of a maintenance programme. Still, it has often been ignored by staff as it is time consuming, or it has not been practical in the past to test properly.


Dust Filters & Venting

Hycontrol's Hyvent dust collector and filter unit is specifically designed to vent silos during the filling process without allowing the valuable powdered product to escape. Product is filtered from the air during both the conveying period and the final air surge. The filter is self-maintaining, returning the product into the silo via an automatic reverse-jet pulse cleaning system which utilises compressed air.


System Installation

Starting with a detailed, free survey, we get to know your process and what you need from a level measuring system. We establish all the key factors, including vessel types and sizes, product characteristics, environmental conditions together with Health & Safety considerations.


Technical Support

Hycontrol’s scheduled support service means you no longer have to concern yourself with arranging the maintenance of your system. Our team keep detailed records and will contact you when your service is due, making sure to give you plenty of notice to ensure your equipment is serviced with the minimum of disruption to your site. We will also remind you to arrange any plant hire, cherry pickers etc. that may be required for when our team arrives so there are no delays or issues before they start.

Customer Applications

Hycontrol's Advanced Silo Protection Solution is used by leading manufacturers around the world. The following applications highlight the effectiveness of this unique technology across a broad spectrum of industries


Hycontrol SPS Customers

Hycontrol’s advanced SHIELD Lite Silo Protection System has been developed over several years and is now widely acknowledged as the market-leading system for preventing over-pressurisation of storage silos. Hycontrol has won several industry awards over the years for their leading developments in the field of silo protection. On this page, you will see just some of the prominent company names who rank amongst our broad spectrum of customers.


Safety Alerts

SAFETY BRIEFING 1: Pressure relief valve near-miss event. Ready-mix, concrete and block works have silos on-site that are pneumatically filled from road tankers. Many of the sites have silos fitted with pressure relief valves as their only protection from over-pressure. The photographs show how they can be rendered completely ineffective by constant use and poor maintenance. Pressure relief valves are continuously relieving pressure without the reason being investigated or the cause eliminated. The road tankers are capable of blowing product into the silos at pressures as high as 2 bar.


Shield Lite SPS

Hycontrol’s new SHIELD Lite silo protection system is the most advanced SPS on the market today and is the result of decades of silo pressure technology development, experience and expertise. It has a compact, all-in-one design that can be retrofitted to almost any silo. This new model is even simpler to install and operate, without compromising any of the outstanding features of the previous SHIELD system. The best silo protection system just got better.


Silo Servicing

Effective silo servicing routines, previously published in guidance notes from DEFRA and the MPA (Mineral Products Association), state the necessity of checking and testing all critical protection components. These checks include the pressure relief valve (PRV), pressure sensor, filter and the ultimate high-level sensor: all essential for maintaining a healthy and reliable silo safety system.



The dust is settling on Hillhead 2022 - and it was a great show! After several...
The most common indicator of silo over-pressurisation is powder on and around the pressure relief valve (PRV). A common misconception is that when PRVs vent powder, it is due to overfilling, this is actaully a sign of over-pressurisation! Learn more: