Hycontrol SPS Customers

Hycontrol’s advanced SHIELD Lite Silo Protection System has been developed over several years and is now widely acknowledged as the market-leading system for preventing over-pressurisation of storage silos. Hycontrol has won several industry awards over the years for their leading developments in the field of silo protection. On this page, you will see just some of the prominent company names who rank amongst our broad spectrum of customers.

You can read a selection of case studies in our Downloads section. Review the Safety Alerts and Risk Gallery pages to find out more about why this unique, patented technology is so vital to not only promote safer behaviour and eliminate stemming from human error, but also improves maintenance efficiency. As more companies become fully aware of the extent of the risks posed by silo protection, Hycontrol stands ready with the equipment, expertise and training capacity to help businesses to address this important safety issue.