Dust Filters & Venting

Dust filters play a vital role in venting powder silos during filling and operational processes. However, poor maintenance and inadequately specified filters can be a road to disaster.

Hycontrol’s Hyvent dust collector and filter unit is specifically designed to vent silos during the filling process without allowing the valuable powdered product to escape. Product is filtered from the air during both the conveying period and the final air surge. The filter is self-maintaining, returning the product into the silo via an automatic reverse-jet pulse cleaning system which utilises compressed air.

This filter unit utilises the latest technology in the form of conical-shaped filter design. This design provides outstanding cleaning efficiency while enabling maximum airflow through the unit, with the added benefit of increasing the operational lifespan of the cartridges. The filter unit itself has a rugged weatherproof construction and is built for safe and simple maintenancee.

Hyvent has been designed according to the latest guidance from the Mineral Products Association (MPA), and to meet HSE guidelines on the prevention of storage silo over–pressurisation during deliveries. It complies fully with current environmental emission standards and is capable of filtering all types of powders. Hyvent forms an integral component of Hycontrol’s advanced SHIELD Lite silo protection system, providing the ultimate defence against the dangers of overfilling and over-pressurisation in powder silos.
Benefits & Features
  • Low-maintenance reverse jet cleaning
  • Conical cartridge technology for greater efficiency
  • Latest spun-bonded polyester filtration media
  • Reduced dust entrainment with better cleaning separation
  • Safe, hinged weatherproof cover with lockable snap hook
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Simple, fast replacement of filter cartridges
  • No scaffolding required for cartridge removal
  • 21m² or 24½m² (226 ft² / 263 ft²) filter surface area
  • Durable 304 Stainless Steel body
  • Small silo-top footprint for space-restricted installations
  • High filtration efficiency - better than 5mg/m³

The conical cartridges utilised in the Hyvent unit offer many advantages over traditional cylindrical cartridge or bag filters due to their compact design, higher filtration efficiency and superior pre-separation of dust. The tapered shape allows increasing separation from top to bottom between the filter elements inside the unit resulting in reduced up-stream air velocities, increased pre-separation and lower dust re-entrainment.

The inner core of the filter elements is also tapered, enhancing the effectiveness of the compressed air jet and giving a more even clean over the length of the cartridge.

As shown in the illustrations below, the unique Hyvent design means that 82% of the area at the inlet chamber of the filter unit is free as opposed to typically 59% when using cylindrical elements. This improvement results in lower upward air velocities at this point, increasing dust separation. These features mean the filters have a longer functional life and offer a higher consistency of performance.

Standard Dust Filter Design

Traditional cartridge filters suffer from reduced air flow towards the bottom as pressure is lost. There is also the serious issue of dust re-entrainment between neighbouring filters.

Hyvent Conical Dust Filter Design

The conical shape of the Hyvent filter means pressure is more evenly distributed down the cartridge, maximising product removal. It has the additional advantage of increasing free air space for dust to fall away, significantly reducing re-entrainment.

This animated GIF illustrates how the Hyvent self-cleaning mechanism works